Natural Stone Cleaning

Natural Stone is a particularly attractive and resilient masonry type, hence its common use in many buildings throughout history. However, it can be prone to attracting dirt, which is why, in order to preserve their attractive appearance, stone buildings should be regularly cleaned. If your company is based in a natural stone building, then you can arrange for its regular, effective and cost-effective clean through using natural stone cleaning services from Thomann-Hanry.

The natural stone cleaning services from Thomann-Hanry come with the following qualities:

  • Speed, which helps to ensure minimum disturbance to the business using the building;
  • Low Cost, as there are no expensive scaffolding used;
  • Convenience, as they permit the building to continue to be used normally, which helps to prevent the business from losing revenue, during the clean;
  • Environmental Friendliness, as the cleaning process involves no use of water, chemicals or dust;
  • Effectiveness, as the cleaning process can remove much accumulated dirt and pollution from the building;
  • Sensitivity, as the cleaning methods are mild and non-abrasive, which ensures that they will not damage the building's fabric;
  • Security, as unwanted access into the building during the clean can be prevented by a folding hydraulic arm.

Indeed, cleaning services from Thomann-Hanry have been used to transform many world famous buildings and structures, including the Moscow Kremlin, the Louvre Museum in Paris and the Australia War Memorial in Canberra.

If Thomann-Hanry's natural stone cleaning services sound attractive to you, then you should contact us by phone or email to help you to discern whether they really are appropriate for your needs. To assist you here, we can send you a free sample panel for your building. You can also learn more about Thomann-Hanry's natural stone cleaning services by clicking on the relevant link on this website's front page to view the company's eBrochure.

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